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Start and Stop Equipment Controller

Start Equipment Controller

As root, do the following:

# /etc/init.d/labeqc start

Just to make sure the module is dynamically loaded, run the following as root and make sure that labeqc is listed.

# lsmod | grep labeqc

Also make sure that the main daemon process has started and that a slave daemon process has started for each controller card. If you run the command ps -ef | grep [l]abeqd you should see a process named labeqd and then a child process for each controller card that is named _labeqdN where N is the number of that controller card.

Stop Equipment Controller

As root, do the following:

# /etc/init.d/labeqc stop

Note: in general, you will not have to manually start and stop the equipment controller. The file /etc/init.d/labqec should load the driver and start the daemon automatically on reboot.

Connect to Equipment Controller

>Modify the equipment table in the database to begin to use equipment interlocking. For each equipment, insert interlocked, hostname, port, cardnumber, evenport, oddport, channel information. This can be most easily done by running the coral-admin application and editing the properties of each piece of equipment to be interlocked. Once that is done, you will also have to run ant configure to turn on Use hardware interlocks? on the general configuration panel. This will need to be followed by ant deploy and then a restart of the Coral servers with opencoral start